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Chrysalis: The Crucible of Immortality

345 pages5 hours


Jax and Kala have discovered that they have actually been on Crucible for almost a thousand years. But, they have no memories of that time, only dreams that haunt them. Now, with new allies, they must prepare for The Caste army that is marching towards them.

Jax, a man of science, must come to terms that there is so much he does not understand. 

Kala, a construct built by an ancient mysterious race. She is naive, yet a headstrong woman. Kala must learn what it means to be human.

Jill, a young woman with demons in her past, must find her place in this new, and often cruel world.

Doc, a sentient A.I. in a liquid metal body, is a mystery. He now has a part of The Watcher in him, how will it affect him?

Aurelia, a natural-born girl of Crucible. Her parents murdered, has not spoken since. She holds power no one seems to understand, how will she wield it?

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