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Golden Hour: A Pippa Greene Novel

200 pages2 hours


The fourth and final book in the beloved Pippa Greene series

Its senior year, and the college countdown is on. But instead of getting accepted to Tischs photography program, Pippas been waitlisted. Without a backup plan, and with the pressure from everyone around her to live up to her fathers legacy, Pippa sets out to prove herself worthy of the program by doing the opposite of everything she did to try to get in. But when she runs into her ex, and first love, Dylan McCutter, Pippa has to finally decide if she should follow her head or her heart./p pWritten with the same humor and heart that made Chantel Guertins first three Pippa Greene novels instant favorites, emGolden Hour/em offers a fresh and charming perspective on friendships, family, and first love./p

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