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What's a girl to do? Someone like Carolyn Niskanen, whose family escaped Hitler when she was just a baby. Now she's a small town teenager who just wants to grow up and become a veterinarian. But things keep happening in West Palmerton. Evil things. She and her pal, Glenn, discover that the deacon in their church is a pedophile who runs a juvenile detention center. The kids rescue a friend who is a victim. The pedophile gets 14 years in prison.

The town bully hates Carolyn's big brother for whipping his butt because he knows martial arts, which trumps the bully's knife. The bully links up with a young killer from the Ozarks, and they decide to get a high paying job kidnapping Carolyn and keeping her in an underground cage.

They kill Big Brother's school friend, a nursing student to send Carolyn's family a glaring message.  Cop to the ransom or she dies.

But who is Carolyn? Really? Fearful for her life as any such victim would be, she brings something unexpected to the evil ordeal.


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