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Burned by Fire: Keeper of the Flame, #1

276 pages3 hours


A witch who's just discovered her powers. A vampire and werewolf both after her. And a spell that could tear apart a whole town.

Willow Donnelly can't stop catching things on fire. When she travels to the small town of Shadow Hill, she thinks she's going to get answers about her new powers as a witch. Instead, she meets two dangerous paranormals who hold the key to her past and discovers an old spell that ties them all together.

Before she knows it, she's falling for both men but one of them isn't telling her the truth. Sexy and dangerous vampire Logan wants her to end the spell, and quiet and moody shapeshifter Ryan will do anything to protect her from Logan—and from undoing the spell. Willow is torn. Try to keep the spell intact and save her friends and the town from chaos or end the spell and get answers to all her questions about her own powers.

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