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Women Waiting to Exhale: You Have Permission to Exhale

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"As women, we often allow the weights of our pasts to prevent us from being all that we were designed to be; our absolute very best version of ourselves. These eight amazing authors shed some insight in this anthology: Women Waiting to Exhale: You Have Permission to Exhale" that addresses issues many are currently bound by.

Read with expectancy and allow the weights of guilt, shame, condemnation, past hurts, betrayals, loss, divorce and any other negatives that have held you back, BE REMOVED. Give yourself permission to—EXHALE!

Read and begin your path of Empowerment, Release and Liberation!

"Sometimes we have to take a long hard look at our past; light a match, toss it and no longer allow our mistakes to hinder our future. We boldly declare: IT IS FINISHED!"

Regina G. Mixon

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