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Passing Through Darkness

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"Meant to Be" is set in the future, where everyone is assigned a soulmate by the time they turn eighteen. Rory has always been skeptical of it all, but still hopes that maybe she'll be able to find true love.

"The Car Outside" is the story of Kat, who sees her abusive ex's car outside while she is working and hopes her fellow co-worker, Addi, will be able to help her with this problem in some way.

"Superheroes" is about Liv, a young girl that dreams that her baby brother might just be a superhero because a long time ago, her dad had told her that anything was possible.

"Living Like a Princess" is a story about Kelsey, a girl who is jealous of her best friend, Marianna, because her family is super rich and she can have anything she wants.

"The Engagement Ring" is told by Bryce, a heartbroken guy that finds his ex's engagement ring one day, even though he'd been told she mysteriously drowned in a river last year.

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