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Lotus was written in British English with North American English in square brackets and vice versa. To keep vivid vulgar conversations in dialect, the author has chosen these delicate methods. You can also find some puzzles in this book that would give you more intellectual entertainments.

Lotus is a half-true novel based on his experiences which includes adventure, travel, and the questions of the essence of human life.

One day he left his motherland by himself because of a certain critical accident. As a matter of fact, he committed it intentionally to escape from his country, and there are no details about it in the novel.
He found his puppy love like in the movies in Sweden, but had to leave there because the mysterious “Invisible Eye” had been watching him, and then...

The Synopsis of Lotus

Chapter One
[The Ego as Individual on Earth]

Chapter Two
[Step forward to the world], [Piss Stockholm], [Stockholm Cinderella]

Chapter Three
[Little women in Uppsala], [True Love], [Gothenburg], [Cantankerous tattooed, red-haired girl with the nose pierced], [Bathroom], [Rice-eating Swede], [Austrians in Gothenburg], [Gothenburg father], [Lotus pulled the Excalibur out], [Austrians in Gothenburg 2], [Goteborg Rock], [Philharmonic orchestra in the underground], [Red Nose-Ringed’s Fume], [The Adopted], [Arab in Malmö], [Lund], [Talkative lad from England], [A giant black cat at train youth hostel in Lund], [A walk in the woods], [Designated driver], [A double], [Leaving Lund], [Freaky weather], [Marinmuseum], [Ölander], [The karma whip made Lotus striking a snag], [Haunted Kalmar Castle], [Female Panzers], [Warmth in Sweden], [Watertoren Svampen], [Summer Time]

Chapter Four
[Turning Point], [Sweden Again], [The Aliens], [Bleach], [Serial fool’s errands], [Q Bar], [Angels in hell], [Second Stay-up], [Bully Angel], [Malmö’s Ball], [Prize Idiot Lotus]

Chapter Five
[Night in Denmark], [Farewell Love]

Chapter Six
[A bore], [Grey[gray]-maned German Hyena], [First Earning], [Obama in the mirror], [Fellow countrymen], [Cultural Festivals], [Neighbourhood[Neighborhood] Goethe], [Zombie Lotus in tethers], [Vampire], [Aristocratic German Students], [Swedish princess in German], [Monster City]

Chapter Seven
[Bypass], [Test], [Invisible Assassin]

Chapter Eight
[Homecoming], [Ethnic excursion], [Country in bank business], [Belgian Chocdate], [Janus], [Palace], [Ferry setting sail for England]

Chapter Nine
[PPSN], [Dear John], [Unprecedented St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin], [Temple Bar], [Humpback dance? Monkey crawl?], [Chase], [Women in unrequited love], [Wise Irish teacher], [Move-out], [Second move-out], [Blood-red Rock], [Neighbours[Neighbors]], [FÁS, Employment Services, Parnell Street], [Make the rounds], [Ethnic picnic 2], [Tweeter], [Greg’s visit], [Stomach ache], [Smoking toilet], [Astray dappled cats, tabbies], [Boy with chalks in the hand]

Chapter Ten
[Sunny Beggars], [Yasmin], [Lotus goes to church], [Fox’s Flower], [Black-haired Angel], [The Gloomy], [Lotus takes wings], [Depression]

Chapter Eleven
[Loch Ness]

Chapter Twelve
[Farewell to Europe], [Black American musicians], [Farewell Freedom!],

Chapter Thirteen
[Home], [Thief Lotus]

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