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Understanding The Healing Ministry - A Complete Guide To Praying & Preparing To Minister In A Healing & Miracle Service

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•    Have you ever wondered how great men of God pray and prepare for crusades, healing and miracle services?
•    Do you see the blind seeing, the deaf hearing and lame walking and wonder, "O Lord, can you use me also?"
•    Do you desire to be used mightily of God to rebuke and cast out devils?
•    Do you desire to be used of God to bring salvation, healing, deliverance and miracles to many?
•    Do you have a very strong passion to save the lost and be used of God?

If you answered "YES!" to any of the above questions, then this guide was written with you in mind.

Jesus has called us to heal the sick and cast out devils (mark 16:17-18). Sadly many believers don't know how to, neither do they know how to pray and prepare to function in the anointing of the Holy Spirit to do such.

The good news is that how to pray and prepare to minister healing to the sick and cast out devils can be taught. The disciples of Jesus came to Jesus and asked the Lord to teach them how to pray and Jesus went ahead to teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1-3)

The disciples of Jesus saw the way God was using Jesus; they saw the Power, the healings, the miracles and the mighty acts of God in and through Jesus. They wanted to be used of God the same way and knew that Jesus' prayer life was the key to having such a mighty ministry of signs, wonders, power, healings and miracles.

They asked Jesus "Master, teach us how to pray" and Jesus did.

That's the purpose of this book – To teach you how to pray and prepare to minister healing to the sick and cast out devils in any healing and miracle service or crusade.

This book contains 12 PRAYER MODULES that every minister looking to manifest and demonstrate the healing and miracle power of God in any meeting or service should follow. This is complete pack on effectively praying and preparing to minister in a healing and miracle service with signs, wonders and miracles following.

The supernatural power of God and the anointing are available for you to engage in this spiritual exercise. See this exercise as a means of advancing and attaining new heights in your life and ministry. All that is required is faith, commitment and willingness to act. 

We believe that God will do great and mighty things in your life through this step-by-step guide. We trust that this guide will enhance your spiritual growth and development, and position you for resounding success and prosperity in ministry. The life changing prayers in this edition will refresh, transform and prepare you for a very fulfilling, fruitful, and rewarding experience with God's power everyday.

We invite you to enjoy God's glorious presence, love, power and blessings, as you pray these prayers in believing faith

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