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Mr. July

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There are enough skeletons in Felix’s closet to fill up an entire calendar.

Felix Apostolou is a rising star in the art world. His murals are quickly gaining him fame in the San Antonio art scene, and when he’s featured in the Calendar Men charity calendar, he’ll draw in even more attention. As it is, he’s getting commission offers faster than he can process them.

He takes on one mural that holds special meaning for him—one for Ezra Harrington, owner of Quantum, Inc., and close friend to the injured original photographer of the Calendar Men shoot.

What Felix didn’t count on was meeting a man who turned his world around and brought something other than art to focus for him. Tse Soto is intriguing, passionate, and open in ways Felix quickly comes to appreciate.

But Felix’s past isn’t what he believed it to be, and what he learns about it could be more than he can handle.

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