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A Pale Reflection: Adam Kaminski Mystery Series, #5

278 pages3 hours


Hurt by betrayal and reeling with doubts about his own judgment, Detective Adam Kaminski seeks a safe harbor on a pleasure cruise to Bermuda. But Adam's not the only passenger using the crew to escape from his past.

The calm of his vacation is shattered when crew discover the brutally murdered body of a wealthy passenger. Adam and his partner are convinced by the ship's captain to help with the investigation, leaving Adam's sister Julia to focus on further developing her skills in photography. The victim was a powerful patriarch on a family vacation, but Adam soon learns he had more enemies than friends. 

While every move the detectives make unearths more motives and more suspects, Julia knows the truth is often revealed in candid shots and captured glances. Exposing the bonds that connect the victim and his family to his homeland of Russia reveals darker connections and shadier activities—activities that challenge Adam's sense of justice and place his sister squarely in the killer's frame. 

Now Adam must catch the killer before the boat docks, without compromising himself or becoming a pale reflection of the man he thought he was. 

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