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It's not every night you capture a little grey alien poking around in your bedroom.

It's even worse when he's not alone.

The Greylings - Bevan, Veronica and Neville- as they like to call themselves- have lost their space ship and need Lori Beams' help to find it. They're hoping with her high school journalistic skills she'll be able to help them out. She's already in trouble at home and school, getting rid of crazy aliens is the last thing she has time for. 

When even bigger trouble, school rebel Jake Turner, decides to keep an eye on her, she figures life can't get any more complicated.

Lori now has to keep her hormones under control, stop a bunch of aliens from messing things up, find a missing space ship, and fight off an intergalactic loan shark. All before her new, gold-digging step father sells her farm to the lowest bidder.

No biggie.

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