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Witch I May, Witch I Might: The Kilorian Sisters: A Witches of Shadow Lake Mystery, #4

196 pages3 hours


Trouble has come to the Kilorian family... and in a big way!

It was a lazy Sunday for Addie Kilorian, just like any other, until a knock at the door delivers some bad news.

Her sister, Willow has been arrested for murder!

And if that isn't bad enough, the dead woman's phone is found in Alan's pocket and he is arrested too. 

What in the world is happening to their family?  It's like there is a giant conspiracy against them.

Addie and Kiera suspect that there is some kind of magical mischief afoot. 

Can they figure out what's going on? 

They'll need the luck of the Irish to get out of this one!

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