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Motivation. Action. Results. : How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams

Motivation. Action. Results. : How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams

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Motivation. Action. Results. : How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams

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May 30, 2018


Want to motivate your network marketing team into action?

We don't have to be a screaming drill instructor to get the job done. Through contests, recognition, goal-setting, fill-out forms, personal development and other motivational techniques, we can do our part to create momentum in our teams.

Our new distributors need motivation to overcome the negativity of their initial prospects. Our experienced distributors need motivation when they run out of prospects they know.

Learn the motivational values and triggers our team members have, and learn to use them wisely. By balancing internal motivation and external motivation methods, we can be more effective motivators. As leaders, we need to be the spark that ignites our team into action.

We can teach our team exactly what to do. However, we must motivate them to do it.

Enjoy this book of case studies and examples of exactly how to be a motivating team leader. We can't do all the work ourselves. We need help. Our teams have to be in action for us to duplicate.

Put your team into momentum and get results fast.

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May 30, 2018

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Motivation. Action. Results. - Keith Schreiter

Motivation. Action. Results.

How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams

Keith Schreiter

Tom Big Al Schreiter

Fortune Network Publishing Inc.


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Motivating the unmotivated distributor.

The downside to reward motivation.

Reward motivation examples that work.

Fear motivation.

Overcoming the fear to join.

Motivation from within.

Goal motivation, the downside.

Setting goals is easy. Achieving goals is difficult.

The Big Al Three-Step Formula for Goal Achievement.

Let's pretend goal-setting.

25 things.

If it doesn’t work – I quit.

When you have a dream.

Why personal development techniques are limited.

How to pre-motivate your prospect and open up his mind.

Motivation by association.

What motivates people to make those decisions?

Motivation may not be the problem.

Watch prospects steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

Thank you.

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Is motivation an art? Or is it a science?

Maybe a bit of both. The mind is the least-understood part of humans, but it does leave clues. We can work with these clues to further motivate ourselves, and others.

This book is not a reference or textbook on the science of human motivation.

So what is this book?

It’s a collection of practical motivation techniques that we can use in our network marketing business.

Motivating our new distributors isn’t our only task as leaders in network marketing. However, it is certainly an important task.

Let’s have fun discovering some of the interesting ways we can motivate ourselves, and others, to higher achievement.

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Temporary, external motivation:

1. I am hungry. (Motivated)

2. I eat a dozen donuts. (Happy)

3. I am full. (Un-motivated)

Permanent, internal motivation:

1. I am hungry. (Motivated)

2. I eat a dozen donuts. (Happy)

3. I am still hungry. (Strong internal motivation)

Yes, both ways of motivation work. However, permanent motivation should be our eventual goal. We will discuss both types of motivation in this book.

Motivating the unmotivated distributor.

Unmotivated distributors?

It could happen.

This is never mentioned in the opportunity meetings, but sometimes distributors become inactive or even ... quit!

They don’t participate in the duplication process. They are messing up our plan.

What is our job as network marketing leaders?

Our job is to motivate and lead, right?

If motivation is one of our main duties, wouldn't it be nice if we had many different ways to accomplish it?

What if a friend asked us, What do you do for a living?

Suppose we answered, I am a network marketing leader. One of my primary duties is to motivate my organization. I don't have a clue how to do it.

Aaaack! I am sure our friend would have a great laugh and think, What an idiot!

Motivation is huge.

There isn’t just one way to motivate others. There are many ways.

All types of motivation have good points and bad points, and some types will only work in limited circumstances.

Let's get down to business and establish some of the ways we can motivate people.

The downside to reward motivation.

We call Sam, our semi-alive distributor, and say, Did you know that if you sold just $6,000 more in products, you qualify for the company's new car bonus?

Wow! That should get Sam’s adrenaline going.

But, it doesn't.

Sam thinks, I wish my sponsor would stop calling me. There is no way that I could sell even $50 of our products. Besides, I just got 150 new cable channels and I have my own problems to think about. Heck, I am already getting carpal tunnel syndrome from pressing buttons on my new high-speed remote control. I might become handicapped! Anyway, my 1972 Ford Pinto still runs just fine as long as the rust build-up prevents the gas tank from leaking. I don't need a new car now. I don't have time to go out and get rejected. Ooooh. My wrist and thumb are hurting more. Just let me channel-surf to the Hypochondriac Channel. Maybe I should turn my phone off ...

That’s the trouble with reward motivation. Sometimes it doesn't work.

Why? There are several reasons.

Sam doesn't believe he can do it. He hasn't sold $6,000 of products in the past. That is proof enough that it can’t be done. The fact that the network marketing company has a car bonus plan doesn't change Sam’s beliefs or skills. He is still under-confident ... and more than a bit lazy.

Sam will take the path of least resistance. His car still runs. It is easier to patch his car than to get $6,000 in product sales. That would be a lot of work and rejection. It is easier to cut back on his car trips.

This is the old donkey, carrot and the stick story all over again. If you are not familiar with the story, it goes something like this:

If you want to make a stubborn donkey walk, put a carrot on the end of a stick and hold it in front of the donkey. If the donkey is hungry, the donkey will walk forward trying to bite the carrot. Works great ... unless the donkey isn't hungry! A no appetite donkey will ignore your carrot reward and just stand there, unmotivated.

Sounds pretty familiar, doesn't it? If a distributor needs more money for a larger home, the distributor has two choices:

Choice #1: Go to work. Sponsor new people. Retail. Get rejected. Drive to meetings. Study hard and learn more skills. Put up with disappointment. Attend training seminars. Make phone calls and take the risk that all this effort might not pay off.

Choice #2: Stay home. Learn to exist in cramped living conditions. Enjoy that new cable television system.

Which choice will most people make?

Choice #2.

Choice #2 is easier. There is no risk. It is the path of least resistance. Existing in cramped living conditions is like the donkey ... it feels better to just stand still than to reach out for that carrot.

This is why 98% of distributors won't try when our network marketing company runs a contest. They find it easier to be content and to just stay where they are.

If reward motivation really worked, everyone in our network marketing company would be at the top position, collecting the top bonus percentage, riding around in the top bonus car available, and enjoying every vacation incentive.

Rewards can work, but only if people are hungry. Most people aren't hungry. They get along in life just fine at their present level of income and comfort.

Rewards are like bribes. The message we convey is:

We will give you this, if you do that.

That means people have a choice. Unfortunately, people tend to pick the easier, safer choice.

Reward motivation has limits. We need to have additional ways to motivate our downlines.

However, just because reward motivation isn’t perfect doesn’t mean we should never use it. If we choose to use reward motivation, we want to make it the best that we can.

Let’s look at some reward motivation ideas that do work. And yes, this is temporary motivation, but we have to start somewhere.

Reward motivation examples that work.

Rewards! Stuff! Prizes! That sounds pretty good.

The basic motivation summary is, We will give you this, if you do that.

Let’s look at the positive side. Here are some examples of reward motivations that have worked in the past.

Win a trip to Hawaii!

Years ago, a network marketing company sold water filters. Their distributors were not trained salespeople. The company’s marketing plan was to have the distributor loan the water filter to a prospect. This allowed the prospect to use the water filter for one week. Then, hopefully the prospect

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