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Orisha Starlight

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Raiya's father Momus had been depressed ever since he and her mother Evelyn got a divorce. Tonight, Raiya descends the steps of her apartment into the New Orleans night, hearing calliope music like churchbells. Visions of saints and angels begin appearing to her, and they tell her she has a job to do. Her father was the protector of the City that Care Forgot, and now that he's gone, Raiya will need to take up his rainbow and shine a light.

But an ancient statue has awakened, bringing a return to slavery and hatred, and must be fought. And from far below, a Lovecraftian hand in pinstripes reaches up to twist reality around itself.

But Raiya isn't alone in the fight. A long-eared chinchilla in a witch's hat is here to help, and her father's old friend St. Peter has taken an interest in the case, along with a laundry list of saints of all shapes and sizes. With their help, can a fourteen-year-old Black girl save the world?

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