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Your Pathway to a Joyful Life

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Discover Your Pathway to a Life of Freedom and Joy. ©

In this book, Stefany G. Burrowes, a Professional Certified Coach, teaches you how to maximize your Inner Mastery and become less reactive and self-critical by living the Truth and Beauty of your Authentic Self.

In seventeen short and illuminating chapters (40 pages) full of encouragement, insight, and guidance, Stefany takes you step by step through the elements necessary to your liberation from old patterns which no longer serve you, your success, or your well-being.

She offers two in-depth exercises for connecting with your authentic self and practicing new behaviors to support your new life of freedom and joy. While acknowledging that this takes practice over time, she also provides all the necessary tools for getting started and making the practice easy and even playful.

One of the key elements is her unique model for Spontaneous Practice which is based on the current scientific understanding of neurological processes, in addition to her own observations and experience with change. The initial step is to raise one’s awareness of what is currently happening in your body and mind when the old patterns show up. Simply put, once you have acknowledged and interrupted it, you can choose a different response to the circumstances while building new neural pathways. She encourages you to approach this process with lightness and even playfulness even as she suggests that you seek out the support of a coach.

As she says, freedom is an inside job. As you re-become who you really are, you learn to Live in Joy even though you have all the facts. You no longer depend on others to justify your existence, your happiness, or your reality. Your increasingly inspired and successful life is alive with your truth-in-action impacting you and the people around you.

This book will help you.

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