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JFK: A Vision to the Slaughter

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November 22nd has become a special day in the annals of history for being the day in full view of the eyes of the world the leader of the free world President John F Kennedy was assassinated executed mercilessly by an unknown assassin. In the opinion of the authorities that established the Warren Commission the man responsible for this tragic act was Lee Harvey Oswald. Who himself was murdered at the hands of an assassin Jack Ruby, a notorious local night club owner. This small volume looks at some common-sense facts, facts captured at the scene on that eventful day. The truth and this is what every reader fascinated by this case, wants to know. Every new generation that investigates this case becomes far removed from the events surrounding that era, and is necessarily handicapped by the passing of time, thus the puzzle becomes a riddle, an enigma within an enigma, and so the assassination can never be unravelled. But there are some facts held in motion, photographic evidence, that tell their own story, for the readers too make up their own minds.

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