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The Executive & the Organizer

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Liz Cameron is overwhelmed when she finds herself sole owner of Ungerman Fence; her departed father's business. She couldn't believe it was actually a successful business, due to the total chaos she found there.
Her only recourse was to get help.
Lincoln Bradshaw, part owner of OCD (no not "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder" but "Organize. Connect. Delegate." – pun intended), a company designed to organize, up-grade and streamline businesses.
The only trouble was when Liz was in junior high school, she had a major crush on Linc Bradshaw; her best friend's older brother. Now meeting Linc again after eight years, she's wondering if she still has a crush on him.
Of course there is no way Lincoln Bradshaw could connect his kid sister's scrawny thirteen-year-old friend with his newest client with the gorgeous hair ... but there is something …

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