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Miscellaneous Adventures: Volume 1

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Michael’s personal opinion of the prestigious unsolved art heist from the 90’s, in Boston takes form when two men disguised as Police Officers show up without warning and make off with 580 million dollars in valuable art pieces. How did they do it? Examine the facts through Michael’s thoughts in, "GALLERY HEIST."

Meet Sergeant Laine, an ex-Marine with a drinking problem and one rule, no killing. What happens when he is asked to save the lives of an innocent village full of people on the outskirts of the Barun Jungle in Nepal, "METOH KANGMI."

Michael shares an excerpt from a title in the works called, "BLOOD HELM." It’s an alternative historical fiction with action, adventure, and drama. Here you will get to witness the two major antagonists of the book, Supreme Legionnaire of New Rome, Gaius and a reptilian-humanoid known as Repmecha, forming alliances to usurp New Rome and its guardians in the sky. Meet Tyler, a boy from a troubled home in Phoenix, who loves comics Lexi, his best friend. Find out how far he will go to show her he is the hero for her in this heart-wrenching teen-drama, "A HERO FALLS."

An earnest discussion about marriage between Mikey and Sammy turns into a toxic state of turmoil. The lines are drawn as both explain their differences and discover the truth, "SEASON OF CHANGE." It’s a fascinating time to be the last human man on Earth until the group of aliens, responsible for the extinction of man, show him he hasn’t been on earth for over 25 years. Find out why and how this last man is the only man, "THE LAST SON".

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