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Blissful Uncertainty

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Regarding the series, "The World Is Broken, And The Blacksmith Is Dead", each of the collections consists of a number of short stories. My aim was to produce a story length of each; in varying sizes, where the reader could get comfortable and start and finish each one in a single sitting, and move on to the next one.

"The Fog", Collection number 1:
Let There Be Light - Prequel to "The Reaper's Design" (The link between cancer and The Pill)
Lilac Cadillac - Family Ties
Wake Up Jormungand - Viking mythology
Firing Gunter - What happens to our world when we're fired

"Smoke Screen", Collection number 2:
A Broken Ladder - Betrayal
As Above, So Below - How Well Do We Know Our Loved Ones?
Cat - Anaesthetics
Coastline - Politics
I Forgot To Mention, My Name Is Luigi - Metaphysical

"Blissful Uncertainty", Collection number 3:
Lightning - Revenge
Debbie - Our Skin (Adult - Medical)
Page 99 - Love
The Spellchecker - Secret Service

"Burn", Collection number 4:
Tommy - Pyromania
While Sam Was Sleeping - Artificial intelligence
Death Wish - Political

"A Winter Sunrise", Collection number 5:
The Librarian - The gory underbelly of the world of filing. "You get all sorts of people in a library, and the librarian gets it all..." - Terry Pratchett. 68-Year old Anne was such a person. The ones who worked under her loved her dearly. The ones who worked alongside her had the utmost respect for the old Anne. But then there were the ones who Anne had worked for, who feared her. A peculiar thing for a library atmosphere had one not known Anne intimately...
EDGE - Fear, Horror, and Terror. The ordeal of a small girl who'd been abducted, and learns too soon in her young life, that Fear, Horror, and Terror, are by no means the same thing.
I read somewhere that fear SCREAMS. But terror doesn't do that... Terror, whispers.
Baklava - Anarchy. Allesandra, a Greek Intelligence member, has her hands full trying to track down the world's most wanted anarchist, who'd been wrecking utter havoc on a global scale, and who'd decided on a cat-and-mouse game with the top minds in the intelligence world.

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