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The Scarlet Cord

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Sometimes all we need in our life to help us through is a simple cord of faith, this book explores that simple truth.

About the Author; Donna Nieri was raised primarily in several isolated mining towns throughout Nevada. Her childhood was laced with neglect and emotional abuse from parents addicted to alcohol and gambling. She writes on those experiences in order to share with others how she found deliverance and hope.

Other ebook's by the Author; A Child's Journey Through Darkness, Weeping Child to Forgiving Child, A Child Interrupted, Crushed Violets, And The Child Grew Up, Love Letters to Daddy, Unshaken, Mining Town Girl, Wanderlust, Miriam's Song, Story of Ruth, Seasons, The Three Friends, The Scarlet Cord, The Runaway, Bottles of Tears and The Gatekeeper's Child.

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