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Things To Do When You Become A Zombie!

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Ha ha... You got bit!

Not bit by a dog or cat mind you. Not by something slightly more outlandish such as a fox, rat, snake, spider or duck! Not even by something big and dangerous like a man eating tiger, or something tiny but equally as dangerous as a mosquito carrying a thousand deadly diseases. Oh no... You managed to top all that lot, didn't you! What... getting bit by ordinary everyday stuff not good enough for you? You just had to go one better than the normal bite victim and get yourself bit by a walking rotting corpse. What's that you say? You never meant to get bit by it. I suppose there was nothing you could do as it came right at you... right!!! And you didn't think to run away? The shambling mass of dead flesh came charging towards you at approximately 0.2mph and you still managed to get yourself bit by it... WHAT A TOTAL AND UTTER ARSE!!! HAHAHAHA...

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