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Singing in Silence

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Gather the women, the ghostly vision told Stella and Maggie.

Best friends since the Summer of Love, now were both going through the Change—both hormonally and personally. One divorced, one widowed—both unknowingly part of a plan destined 500 years ago in famous seer’s painting. Thrust into a world where they soon find out there are no accidents; everything is connected.
A seemingly random series of events: a secret told to three children during WWI, the Great Alignment of 2012, a sacred fashion doll—and a French priest and his mysterious mother with connections to Chartres Cathedral and an ancient seer. Soon the two are on an epic journey from San Francisco to Louisville to Paris and Lourdes—all the way to the land of goddesses in Turkey.

But there are those that can’t let it the gathering happen. GA7, a private military firm, and some in The Catholic Church are soon waging a quantum war to make sure the Elites stay in power. They have been forwarned by the Third Secret and know they must stop the women by any means possible.

Singing in Silence is thrilling page-turner brimming with history, sisterhood, fashion and, most of all, a return to a world of peace.

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