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Ms. Fix-It: Peyton and Her Double Dessert

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My family owns a fix-it business. Not just any fix-it business. We have master plumbers, electrical gurus, construction geniuses, and more. Most people think the hard work is only in the physical labor. If only they knew the amount of paperwork and loopholes there were to fill. Sometimes, I have to plug the holes and it can get a little interesting.

When I met Beau things were pretty good but we both felt like there was something missing. Simone came along and since then, everything in our lives runs like clockwork. The three of us worked so well together it was like a complicated dance made simple.

The family, though... Well they thought we were just roommates. Even though we'd bought a house together and didn't see other people outside ourselves very often. If we were going to family events or out with friends, we'd find a fourth to make things look as if we were 'normal'. While our family was all good with raising a pride flag for our own, it might be pushing boundaries a bit far if they found out I was poly.

If you enjoy sweet poly-romance with scorching hot naughtiness, this is the super short story for you.

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