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Plan, Write, And Publish Serial Fiction In Four Weeks: Selling Writer Strategies, #6

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If you've heard that authors are successfully publishing their fiction as serials, and are curious about how it's done, read on. Readers enjoy serial fiction today, as they've done for centuries. 

Firstly, let's consider why you might consider writing serial fiction.

Why write serial fiction?

Everyone's busy today. A serial is by its nature, faster to write, and publish, than a novel. 

It's a quicker read too, and many readers appreciate this. While a reader may hesitate before committing hours to a novel, he can read an episode of your serial in minutes.

If you're a new author, a serial serves to introduce you to readers. A reader may not be willing to commit to a novel by a new author, but be willing to read an episode of a serial.

Discover how to write serial fiction (a serial isn't a longish novel)

Authors publish serials with varying degrees of success. A less experienced author simply chops up a novel into parts, then publishes the parts. This exercise is rarely successful.

Savvy authors know that while their serial has an overarching plot, each episode also needs to be a satisfying read on its own, even if it does conclude with a cliffhanger.

Plan, Write, And Publish Serial Fiction In Four Weeks is a master class in writing serial fiction. It's structured as a four week program. Each week has exercises. 

You can take longer than four weeks to complete the program, or you can zoom through it. Either way, when you've completed the class you'll be well on the way to publishing and promoting your own serials.

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