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Pilates for Athletes: Beginner to Advanced Total Training Program for Athletes in Every Sport

Pilates for Athletes: Beginner to Advanced Total Training Program for Athletes in Every Sport

Pilates for Athletes: Beginner to Advanced Total Training Program for Athletes in Every Sport

132 pages
32 minutes
Apr 5, 2018


The #1 Bestselling Training Manual for Athletes! Sean Vigue is a 7 time bestselling author and the "most watched yoga and Pilates guy on the planet". He's helped millions of athletes transform and strengthen their bodies with mat Pilates and now it's YOUR turn!

This is the fitness program that male and female athletes of all fitness levels have done to dramatically elevate their athletic ability on EVERY level. Whether it's football, tennis, golf, basketball, running, cycling, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, MMA, gymnastics, dance etc you will massively improve your athletic skills across the board with "Pilates for Athletes"! Training Logs for every major sport are included!

✔️This book contains over 40 beginner to advanced unique total body Pilates exercises with full color photos, descriptions and modifications. You've never done or experienced total body exercises like these!

✔️Also included are 5 easy to follow complete and comprehensive Pilates workout videos so you can exercise directly with Sean and learn the best ways to breathe, move and transition through the many exercises.

The five complete workout videos included are:
✔️Pilates for Abs
✔️Pilates for Flexibility
✔️Pilates for your Back
✔️Classic Pilates Workout
✔️The Official Pilates for AthletesTraining Routine

✔️Training Logs for every major sport so you can dive right into the most appropriate exercises for your favorite sport and pastime

These are just like attending Sean's live Pilates classes and you can do this program anywhere and anytime. It fits perfectly into YOUR schedule.

This book features the mat Pilates method which is all bodyweight exercises - no weights, equipment or machines of any kind needed...just your body and you will build amazing strength, flexibility, endurance, control and power on the field, court, track, road, bike, pool, rink and anywhere else you love to do your chosen sport or sports. Buy your copy now and begin today!
Apr 5, 2018

About the author

Sean Vigue is the bestselling author of over 10 books, the most watched online yoga and Pilates guy, featured in over 2000 health and fitness videos, has taught over 5000 live Yoga/Power Yoga, Pilates, spinning, flexiblity training, Pylata, HIIT and core traiing classes, a pioneer in bringing his unique training programs to everyone including athletes (amateur and professional), kids, teens, military personnel, runners, total beginners and seniors and is also an amateur film, opera, classical music and American History historian. Sean has been featured on over 80 media sites as a top instructor in the fitness world including The Huffington Post, Pilates Style Magazine, The Washington Post, Fit Bottomed Girls, HASfit, Health Line, Yoga Asia, Buzzfeed, Yoga Time TV and has collaborated with some of the best trainers in the business including Lesley Fightmaster, Brett Larkin, Man Flow Yoga, Jerome Fitness, Laura London, Yoga with Kassandra and Ali Kamenova. In his former life Sean worked for 13 years as a professional singer, actor and dancer in the wonderful world of live theater and traveled the United States and parts of Europe. He now makes his home in the Colorado Rockies with his wife and famous dog, Addie (the Beast).

Book Preview

Pilates for Athletes - Sean Vigue



Why Pilates For Athletes?

The Pilates workout system is absolutely ESSENTIAL for athletes who want to perform at their highest physical and mental levels…and scare the living heck out of their rivals. Get on this bodyweight only Pilates program before your rival does!

I’ve worked with thousands of male and female athletes of all ages and fitness levels in my live classes, through online workouts, my bestselling book Power Yoga for Athletes and am always in awe at how powerfully and dramatically they improve their conditioning, strength, endurance, control, balance, flexibility and more. Pilates is the secret weapon YOU are not utilizing…until now. Now is YOUR time to reap the many benefits of Pilates and translate them to whichever sports and activities you love to do i.e.. running, football, basketball, golf, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, cycling, tennis, baseball, swimming, walking, gymnastics, dance, MMA, boxing and, well, pretty much ANY activity you can think of - Pilates will make you the best at your game while giving you tons of energy and vitality. From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior to someone who just wants to stay limber and healthy this book will work wonders.

I’ve already mentioned some (and there’s A LOT) of the benefits of Pilates but I find that lists are very attractive and easy to follow so here’s one for you.

Benefits of Pilates for Athletes:

complete mind/body workout.

builds a strong, balanced and flexible core.

gain long, lean and flexible muscles.

all bodyweight exercises so they may be done anywhere and anytime - at your convenience.

builds control, precision and fluidity in all your movements.

very easy on your joints.

improve how your body moves. More efficiency, grace and power in every move.

drastically improve sports performance and recovery. BINGO!

Some famous athletes who use Pilates to be at the top of their game include: Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Kerry Walsh, Le-Bron James, Annika Sorenstam, David Duval, Steve Ballesteros, Jason Kidd, Curt Schilling, Natalie Coughlin, Carlo Colaiacovo, Ruben Brown and many professional teams.

The well earned accolades go on and on but the most profound benefit is when you actually DO the exercises because experience always trumps all the theory and discussion in the world. As Hamlet said, Words. Words. Words. I get bored of talking and yearn to get moving so plan for lots and lots of life changing movement!

How to use this book

This program fits into YOUR schedule. Practice the over 40 exercises (chapters 2 and 3) in this book and add them into your current workouts or put them together into full body workouts. Want to jump right into your chosen sport? Flip to chapter 5, find your sport and practice the 5 specific Pilates exercises recommended by me. It’s a great way to practice the ones that most benefit your sport and hit the ground (or mat) running!

What you need

This book focuses solely on mat Pilates so I recommend a workout/Pilates mat, comfortable clothes, a towel (you will sweat) and a space where people (or cars, animals etc) won’t interrupt. If you watch my videos you’ll see my dog, Addie, randomly come over and say hi…but I always welcome any visit from her :)

Turn the pages for over 40 total body Pilates exercises with color photos, detailed descriptions and fun little extra bits of info to help you in your practice. I’ve also included 5 complete and comprehensive Pilates for Athletes workout videos so we can workout together in real time and a Training Log to get you started today. This is your on the go training manual.

Watch for

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