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Gladiators: Warriors of Rome

94 pages1 hour


As Lana stared at the twelve gladiators, straining against the ties at her wrists and ankles, she knew she was in trouble…

Lana has a powerful father who allows her the freedom to speak her mind and make her own choices. Which has made it so all her life she's felt… well, untouchable. She says what she wishes and no one can hope to silence her.

Until she makes the wrong enemy.

Taken prisoner, she's given to twelve gladiators as their slave. Humiliated and shocked by her change in circumstances, the last thing she expects is for the gladiators to see her as more than a prize. As the world she knew crumbles around her, she may find not only safety in her warriors' arms, but also love.

GLADIATORS' is a reverse harem that involves one woman and twelve sexy warriors. It starts a little dark, but evolves into a true romance. At just over 20,000 words, this book includes The Gladiators' Slave.

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