The Missing Activist

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The Missing Activist

Length: 410 pages5 hours


The gripping British political thriller everyone is talking about. First in the Karen Andersen series.

Post-Referendum Britain and a country on high alert for terrorist attacks.

When a young political activist goes missing in London, an off the wall Private Investigator Karen Andersen is put on the case. 

In her search, she uncovers secrets of a party system which prizes loyalty above truth, a serial killer and a female Jihadi plotting deadly revenge on the British government. _________________________________

A behind-the-scenes political thriller and bullying story of poignancy and compassion. The author has had experience of both having been a national candidate during the 2015 General Election as well as the founder of an anti-bully charity during the scandal which rocked the Tories after the tragic death of a young activist later that year. Louise Burfitt-Dons is a former journalist, playwright, and screenwriter of thrillers. This is her first crime novel. All characters and places are imaginary.

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