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Where the River Bends and Curls

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Where the River Bends and Curls, is a romantic and emotional novel of a conflicted and somewhat reluctant Lutheran clergyman and his inner struggles while recalling memories of his life and a suddenly vivid and persistent memory of a captivating past romance that he long since felt that he buried deep in his soul. Amid the sudden recollections and while fraught with a deep depression, the clergyman struggles to understand his past, to face self-truths and to redirect his life, his love, and his career, when he needs to the most. This is a powerful story of an intense romance, which bridges cultural and religious boundaries and it is a story filled with raw emotion, but when you read much deeper, it is actually a story about what life's simple lessons can teach us. This novel is very different from Mr. Hausleben's past work, yet, as is true with Mr. Hausleben's work; it is genuine storytelling, deeply emotional and unforgettable.

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