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Acupuncture of The Mind: Acupuncture of The Mind, #1

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Psychiatric wards are full of mirrors.

During his mind surgeries, Julian practiced healing methods unlike I, his long-time colleague, had ever known. My time at Cathedral Psychiatric Facility is where my rebirth and growth took shape. At present, I am one of the Directors of Psychiatry at Cathedral.

'Death fertilises rebirth,' Julian reminded me often. 'It is only natural.' Something within Julian died long ago – I regularly saw the shadowy remains lodged deep in his eyes – and what lingered was the fertilisation of a creature few individuals will ever recognise. 'In a lifetime we constantly die and rebirth,' he insisted. 'Despite this, only a fraction of people will seek a different climate to re-establish themselves. Growth is restricted for the frightened, root-bound ones.'

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