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Better Half: Changeling

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Better Half is part 3 of the 3 part paranormal serial romance, Changeling, by NY Times bestselling author, Dawn Michelle.

Fight or Flight. Jimmy's got options, but no matter which one he chooses, somebody's going to get hurt. The bodies are adding up. The witches are after him, and it doesn't matter how far he runs, they always find him.

Jordan is the new girl in his life. A girl that doesn't know anything about his past, his gift, or his curse. She's only interested in him. His open mind, amazing intuition, enjoyment of shopping, and her unexpected kinks that make him a perfect match.

Jimmy's curse soon strikes again, ruining the promise of a new relationship. Revealing his true self to Jordan brings the witches. There's no escape this time, only the threat of domination and defeat. Jimmy will die and his friends will suffer a fate worse than death. It's only a matter of time until he gives in. Time that he has to make the most of if he wants to find a way to turn their magic against them.

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