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Babble Magic

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Wizards. Magic. Squirrels?

Bax is the young apprentice of a very ill-tempered sorcerer. Together, they make up the obscure field of wizardry known as Babble Magic––a branch that focuses on trying to make animals speak. So far, they have had zero success. But after years of grueling work, a moody squirrel finally begins to utter a single word.

Is this irritable squirrel the breakthrough that Bax and his mentor have been waiting for? With the annual wizard convention just around the corner, they want to make sure to have something––anything––to report. And with other magical branches like Dream Magic, Shadow Magic, and Fairy Magic as their competition, a lot is riding on this grouchy woodland creature!

Babble Magic is an exciting fantasy adventure full of deadly combat, media-savvy sorceresses, blind ambition, and a whole world bursting with supernatural danger!

Babble Magic.
This squirrel is nuts.

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