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Trumped Up Corella: Another Jack Miller Eco-Thriller

408 pages5 hours


A fire in August 1991 at the Coode Island Hazardous Chemicals Storage Facility in inner Melbourne is the inspiration for this roller coaster of political manoeuvrings, corruption and violence—all designed to see the facility relocated to a site which just happens to be home for a critically endangered species—the Orange-bellied Parrot—of which there are less than fifty left in the wild.
The agenda is simple—relocate the hazardous chemicals facility and use that site to build Australia's mega-stadium—the sporting mecca of the Southern hemisphere, ready and waiting to host the World Cups of cricket, rugby and soccer.
The stakes are high and so is the determination of investigative journalist Jack Miller and his friends as they fight an increasingly desperate sports media mogul, his political puppets and their henchmen.
Will big business triumph and another species perish? Or will Jack and his friends find a way to outsmart them?

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