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Dave: What do you expect the Price Ladies and Gentlemen. I start this Bid from 1 Million Dollars.
Who is going to buy this Luxury.
John:1.5 Million Dollars.
Dave: anyone, who want to buy this one, anyone.
1.5 Million (1, 2, 3,).
Everybody clapped to John for buying such an expensive Luxury Mirror.
Dave: Today was a great day for me and I hope you all have a great day, I hope you will never forget this night.
Everybody takes their purchased items except John and Sara, because Dave asked them to stop. After everyone was left.
Dave: I am very pleased that you have purchased this item, it is really an amazing Mirror. I hope you will enjoyed watching yourself in this Mirror, you would be thinking that why I have stopped you.
John: yes, we are thinking about it.
Dave: I'll deliver this mirror to your home after two days.
Sara: that will be fine.
Dave: Thank you for your cooperation.
John: I think we should leave now because its already late, our kids are at home.

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