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Dating the Devil

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Dating the Devil is a horror romance story about a woman who left her door unlocked accidentally inviting the devil into her home. Creating a life changing series of events that takes her literally to hell and back in a way that no other human has ever before experienced.
Hiding his needs carnal desires and who and what he is Satan falls in love with her in the most perverse way that only he could. While dating he hides his secret at all costs never allowing her to see or know his real self.
Dating the Devil is a tender romance horror story about two diverse beings that are attracted to each other by treachery and the false appearance of goodness and true love to obtain love for one’s twisted selfish physical and mental needs.
While Satan’s attraction to her makes him present as what he is not; his jealousy, anger, deceitful warped mind, and evil soul compels him to kill anyone that might stand in his way. The story is gruesome and grotesque yet gentle and soft filled with thoughtful compassionate and tender romance.
Because of Satan’s inability to love anyone but himself his deep seeded desire to be loved challenges his character and moral-less ways as he struggles to deal with his chosen way of life over his unrelenting emerging needs.
Dating the Devil is about the inner struggle of evil verses good and the necessary choices made to understand, find, and have love.
Now the story begins: Dating the Devil - It was prophesied in the days of old that: From hell there shall rise a heinous creature filled with power beyond power, it will be an evil, soulless, heartless, and godless being that will not know of goodness or compassion. The creature will release upon the earth its uncontrollable wrath and hatred filled evil in a fury beyond all existing evil and possibility of understanding on earth. It will thrive on and magnify the evil and hatred in Satan and mankind to prove its superiority and disdain for life. It will be a creature born with illogical logic and be created by the union of the unholiest and the purest of creatures in existence. Disease, suffering, and death shall accompany the creature that will end life as it is known on earth to prove its dominance over life. The creature will be driven by evils insanity and its endless quest for self-importance through intimidation, fear and death. Its supremacy will come from its unforgiving desire to be absolute intense pure evil to prove its purpose for being is in its formidable power and unchallengeable evil destiny. And all things will be forever changed as Satan’s needs change to have love as he manipulates, punishes, kills, and seeks a greater self-serving life to fulfill his destiny. Taken from the book of wisdom: 666 BC.

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