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Three fantastic contemporary romance stories just waiting for you!

This bundle includes three sexy, steamy, ROMANTIC stories featuring strong women and the men who love them. 

The collection includes:
Starboard (Anchored Book 1)
Battleship (Anchored Book 2)
All Aboard (Anchored Book 3)

Christina hasn't had a regular Dom since her husband died in Afghanistan. She's a war widow with a daughter: she doesn't have time for relationships, but she does make time to play.

Christina goes to Anchored to unwind and to have her submissive needs met. Whether she's playing with a Dom or Domme, Christina's partners all know one thing: she's there to serve, not to find love.

It's all fun and games for The Damsel of the Dungeon until a new Dom arrives and he sets his sights on her.

Only, he's not just interested in scening with Christina.

He's interested in everything.

Zack has always considered himself a good lawyer, a loyal friend, and an observant Dominant. When his business partner and best friend, Tony, invites him to visit a local sex club, Zack's ready for anything.

Except the feisty brunette who doesn't want to be tied down or taken care of. 

After the third time he sees Christina refusing aftercare, Zack decides to do something about it, only Christina isn't like other subs.

It's a good thing he loves a challenge.

Lily's entire life is a one war after another.

When she's not dealing with dissatisfied parents at the daycare she works at, fighting with her boss over extra hours, or trying to get her landlord to fix ANYTHING, Lily is going crazy struggling to stay afloat. 

Life is hard.

Too hard.

And she needs a break.

Then she finds Anchored.

The club is unlike anything she's ever seen before, but is Lily actually submissive? The handsome Dom who's been showing her around seems to think so, but Lily barely has room in her life for sleep. Does she really have room for love?

All Aboard:
Macie has never read a dirty book.

Or had a one-night stand.

Or been to a sex club.

When she loses a bet on girl's night, though, she has to go with her girlfriends to Anchored: one of the hottest sex clubs around. 

And it's nothing like she expected.

Anchored isn't dirty or sleazy or dangerous. It's actually kind of nice. It's actually kind of relaxing.

And when Macie meets Anthony, she realizes she can never go back to the way things were before. 

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