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The Tragic Fate of Moritz Toth: Peter Owen World Series: Serbia

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Part of the Peter Owen World Series: Serbia

Moritz Tóth is a former punk rocker working for no one. Tobias Keller is an Adviser for Moral Issues working for the Man upstairs. Both their lives are changed when Moritz receives an unexpected offer from the local Employment Office to become a prompter with the Budapest Opera. As a strange series of divinely-inspired events sees a morose Moritz re-acquaint himself with his old violin, Tobias is facing trial for having applied 'the faculty of his free will with the intention of exerting his influence on subject Moritz Tóth'.

Dana Todorovic's novel is a tale of celestial bureaucracy and the restorative power of Puccini. With notes of Kafka and Bulgakov's Master and Margarita, welcome to the strange, thrilling and tragic fate of Moritz Tóth.

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