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Opportunity Knox: The Underdog Series, #3

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Team Knox's two star players, Jet and Maura, have found their rhythm in the NFL, where their life revolves around the four seasons: pre-, regular-, post-, and off-. To increase their home field advantage, Maura decides to retire while she's at the top of her job counseling game. It's time to pursue her true calling… as soon as she figures out what that is.

Jet's no help, either. He's so busy negotiating a new contract, breaking in some like-new body parts, and proving all of his critics wrong that he doesn't have time to brainstorm vocations with Maura. Why can't she find a favorite charity and spend her days shopping and redecorating the house, like a "normal" NFL wife? He has records to break and autographs to sign.

Maura may be uncertain about what her next play is, but she knows what is it isn't: motherhood. Unfortunately, nobody gave a copy of the "Maura Knox Family Planning Playbook" to her mother-in-law, who wants another grandchild more than Jet wants that statement-making contract or another Super Bowl ring.

With so many competing interests, someone's going to walk away disappointed. Who will rise victorious, and who will limp to the locker room to play another day? In real life, not everyone gets a trophy.

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