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When the Cold Breathes: A Ragnar Stormbringer Tale

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There are times when the cold breathes.

Settlers from Ragnar Stormbringer's homelands are forging a new world in the far north, building villages where the icy lash of the winds is a reminder of the dangers lurking within a harsh wilderness.

A season of great peril has fallen upon them. A fearsome predator stalks and hunts the settlers in the deep snows. As the deaths mount and terror spreads among the populace, Ragnar's help is sought to confront the unknown menace.

Taking up his legendary axe Raven Caller, Ragnar heads into the falling snows. He will soon find that the myths told in the region have more than a little truth dwelling within them.

What lies in the cold embrace of death and darkness can awaken, breathe, and gaze through eyes of spectral light.

When the Cold Breathes is a stand-alone novella that is part of the Ragnar Stormbringer tales!

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