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Danielle Draganov was in no way the typical woman, if there was such a thing to describe a 25-year-old beauty. Instead of going to college like most of her friends, she got a job and spent her free time searching through abandoned buildings. Officially she was known as an urban explorer, an apt description for her escapades, but too simplistic to cover the range of her adventures. Danielle was considered something of a legend among her peers. She took her hobby seriously and without hesitation explored places others bypassed. Perhaps this is why she got in so much trouble in the first place.
Summer break arrived and Danielle begrudgingly enlisted the help of Gaius Cromwell, a book-smart nerd who used to live next door. This former neighbor lad was delighted to accompany her on these often dangerous expeditions. Gaius had always worshipped Danielle from afar and looked favorably on this golden opportunity to start a serious relationship. Danielle, however, would have none of it and stressed that he was nothing more than a pack mule, even though a wonderful friendship was born.
Then one day, while searching through an enormous abandoned piano factory on the South Side of Chicago, Danielle literally runs into Michael Paxton. He too is an abandoned building explorer. So begins a torrid romance with a significantly older man. The pair is inseparable and quickly becomes involved in numerous close calls, strange happenings, and barely avoids death at the hands of a creepy criminal organization known as the Reapers.
However, this is truly a tale of what goes on in the world of URBEX, or urban exploration. Located throughout the Chicago metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, Danielle uncovers all sorts of treasures, some of them actually quite valuable. Unfortunately, Dimiter Draganov, Danielle’s father, has a dark secret from his past life in Bulgaria, which finally catches up to him. Interestingly enough, Michael Paxton also has a complicated background. In the end, all of these stories collide in a fantastic mess of gunfire, sacrifice, and derring-do.
So come along on one hell of a roller-coaster ride of thrills, as Danielle and company confronts a myriad of challenges. ABANDONED, by Derek Hart, is like nothing you’ve experienced before, unless of course you like traipsing around inside abandoned old houses and uncovering things you really shouldn’t. Throw in some unexpected twists, plenty of steamy sex, and some gritty violence and you’ll be glad you can experience all of this without leaving the comfort of your armchair.
This novel is rated R - for adults only.

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