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Dragon's Reclaim: Broken Chains

192 pages2 hours


Elder dragon Tremor has taken Chillington by surprise, his forces have risen and forced King Eriez to flee the city, the dragon looks to tighten his grip on his new-found kingdom, whilst his young nephews continue to play a pivotal part in the grand scheme, either alongside or against.
Meanwhile the remainder of Chillington forces must follow their king in his quest, recalling the royal forces previously dispatched across the realms becomes a huge priority. The king must request help on his journey from allies across the realms, looking to form an army strong enough to take back his home, allies from many realms will soon begin to close in on the capital of Colltalios.
A dangerous group of dragons residing in the throne room, a king forced to run for his life, perilous situations for those captured inside the grand castle walls, and a northern leader that will soon have to make the biggest decision of his life. The pieces are starting to move into place, and one wrong move could result in losing much more than just stones and mortar.

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