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GENESIS PROJECT: Second Age of the Kasna: Abyss: Genesis Project

274 pages3 hours


Vong Kidfar's next step may be his last.

Shot down on the embattled planet, Rokina, Vong Kidfar was pursued and hunted to the Kalek army, his teacher Zept and friend Colt were killed in the process. Now, a part of the Kalek Army, Vong Kidfar is out for revenge.

With so much loss heaped upon the Kalek Learner since the Heaven's Gate disaster, Vong has slid into an abyss of anger, bitterness and hatred. This, he does not realize, is exactly where the Raath want him to be. In his quest to destroy them, will Vong fall to their beguiling lies and join them?

One way or another, the future of the Kasna Repubik, and Vong Kidfar's life, will be decided on the battlefields of Rokina…

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