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Going Deep

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Mike Wantry has finally had his deepest, darkest fantasy fulfilled through the magic of virtual reality, and it's better than he ever expected. Who knew that being a girl would feel so good? But now that a mischievous friend named Amy has started drawing him deeper and deeper into the sex-fueled underworld of Virtnet, Mike has started to like it a little too much.

Worse still, Amy is threatening to tell everyone what he's up to if he doesn't be exactly the obedient little slave she wants him to be. And boy does Amy have plans for Mike, or as she calls him, Mikala... plans named Pete and Chuck. Mike is mortified, but has no choice but to go along with her sexy schemes until he figures out how to get out of it.

But with a little help from Amy's special "mind-blurring" programs, Mikala... err, Mike... isn't even sure he wants to get out of it now. It's all been really confusing, and it's starting to get hard to remember why he wouldn't always want to be Mikala...

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