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Seduced at Camp Part 2

24 pages21 minutes


This is part 2 of Seduced at Camp, the scorching hot grand finale between Jason and Trenton!


Trenton and Jason can't stand one another. They're both camp counselors, but they're total opposites. Trenton is a hot, alpha jock who speaks with his fists. He's rough, he's sexy as hell, and he takes what he wants. Jason is a beautiful rich boy who relies on smarts to get by. He's cocky, he's gorgeous, and what he secretly wants is Trenton's hot body. What Trenton secretly wants, is to have his way with Jason and do things to him that he's never done to a guy before! When these two young studs get into a viscous fight, they land in the isolation cabin together. Alone with each other and out in the woods, they'll soon find out that they have more in common than they think, that they both need have one another in the hottest way possible!

**Standalone story; contains explicit content that is for mature readers.

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