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In Her Own Words: Women’s Wisdom to Move You from Surviving to Thriving

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Sometimes, to get out of a downward vortex of exhaustion, restlessness , and apathy, we need a community of women inspiring and igniting one another.

Alison Braithwaite was burned out and losing herself while appearing to be the very definition of success: working as an executive at a prominent company. She had been shutting down parts of her core self to survive and succeed at work. When she woke up to how misaligned she felt in her career, she quit her job and found nourishment in a circle of women appreciating and celebrating one another. Life became possible again. With In Her Own Words, Braithwaite gathers the stories of twenty women from different backgrounds who have found their own versions of achievement and happiness. By amplifying the voices of other women, Braithwaite shares the guidance she found to be most useful in recalibrating her journey.

If you have ever felt like you didn’t belong and have been pressured into playing small, In Her Own Words will reenergize you to thrive—not just survive . . .

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Alison Braithwaite is an Explorer and Seeker. She has trekked to the base of Mount Everest, cycled in Patagonia, studied art in Costa Rica and lived at a yoga centre. Her most challenging yet most worthwhile journeys have been those toward self-discovery. Her inward explorations have led her to yoga, meditation, art, writing and coaching. Alison has a keen awareness of how incredibly interconnected the world is and believes if we each aligned ourselves with who we truly are, the world would be a better place. Alison is passionate about helping other women align with their true nature and prevent the possibility of them burning out. A former executive responsible for environmental performance and corporate social responsibility, Alison is now an executive coach with a Masters Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University.

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