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What to do After College: A Guide on How to Find Your Passion

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This is a practical guide on helping you figure out what to do after college based on what you are passionate about. We are told that we should find our passion and let that guide our decisions in life. What about those of us who don't know what our passions are? Figuring out what to do after college can be especially frustrating because we know we are supposed to find a career based on our passions. Most of us don't know what to do after college because we have never consciously tried to decide what we are passionate about and what career could make us happy.

"What to do After College: A Guide on How to Find Your Passion" is filled with exercises and practical advice for those who are unsure of their future. For most, this book will speak to them right as they are graduating college or shortly thereafter. For others, this book may take your life in a different direction since you realize you have chosen the wrong career path. 

Chapter 1: Introduces the dilemma of figuring out what to do after college.
Chapter 2: Brings you through a guided exercise on helping you find some career choices. Very practical and actionable.
Chapter 3: Another short exercise on how to find your passions, and then advice on how to use these exercises to find a career you will enjoy.
Chapter 4: Defining success for you and advice for how to take action in that direction.
Chapter 5: Walks through the dilemma of finding good friendships after college ends and when we enter the work force.
Chapter 6: Answers questions about marriage for those who are trying to decide if getting married right after college is a good idea. It feels like the "right" time, but is it?

Our goal is to inspire you and to help you find the path in life that feels in alignment with your values. 

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