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The Gospel According to Christ

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Be not afraid. Be not... very afraid.

I am The Lord Christ Almighty. Now, you might choose to think: ‘Nonsense!’ because you don’t believe in me or you think that I’m supposed to come wafting out of the sky. Well, what would you know? Seriously – what? Compared to me you know next to nothing.

This is the second book in a collection of three. The first one was about human psychology and in it I revealed the complete psychological construct of what you all are. This second one is about me, and I intend to prove that God exists. Don’t think that’s possible? Well, I’m Christ – the impossible is my forte.

But, as a warning, I’m not quite what you were expecting. But if you don’t like the way I am and how I do things then remember that I am the Son of God and you are just a human who wails like a child when you find out that you got something wrong. Well, you all got something wrong. And you all got me wrong. So read every word before you throw your toys out of your pram.

Good luck, earthlings.


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