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Photosynthesis: The Green Miracle

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Plants come in more than 500,000 varieties and occupy a vitally important place in human life. This limitless resource, placed at mankind’s disposal by Allah (God), is the source of the fresh air we breathe, the food we consume to survive, and much of the energy we use. Plants are also the self-renewing source of strikingly beautiful sights, delightful scents and stunning colors.
Plants are very specialized living things whose photosynthetic ability turns light into food and energy. Mechanisms in the green leaves constantly produce oxygen, cleanse the air and ensure ecological equilibrium. Their aesthetic features—such as taste, scent and color which appeal mainly to human beings—reveal the infinite knowledge, artistry, compassion and affection for human beings of Allah, their Creator. To date, only some 10,000 species of plants have been studied in detail, along with their unique systems that provide unique benefits. And this research had determined that every plant possesses features of such a kind as to astonish even the informed observer.
For those who wish to know Allah, appreciate His attributes and draw closer to Him, it will be useful to take a rather closer look at the miracles of creation to be found in plants, and even in a single leaf, and at the plants as a whole, a world so full of marvels. In this way we can find a doorway to stunning truths, ones that you may have imagined were reserved for scientists alone, offering genuine interest to any attentive individual.

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