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Keep It Simple Christian

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This devotional is for people who have just given their lives and hearts to God, renewing their commitment or even those desiring a closer walk with God. You may not be sure what that means. How should your life change? What do you need to know about God and the Bible that will help you live as a "good Christian?" How do you live for His Kingdom and not "in the world?" These are all questions that will be answered in this devotional. I have been a Christian for 26 years. When I was 'saved' and gave my life to God, I didn't know either. But I have learned a few things since then I think will help you mature in your relationship with the Lord. We should never stop learning and reading His Word, the Bible, to learn what He wants us to do and how to be closer to Him. Then you will recognize when He is active and involved in your life.

ach letter of the title of the book is a chapter and word pertaining to your walk with God and new Christian life. For instance, the first letter of the book is K. K is for kindness. I will be talking about where in the Bible kindness is mentioned and how you can use it to have more kindness in your life. The other chapters continue the same way.

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