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Summary Of I’ll Be Gone in the Dark By Michelle McNamara.

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Get all the ideas worth remembering and save yourself more than 4 hours of reading time with this #1 best-selling Summary Of I'll Be Gone in the Dark By Michelle McNamara.

Disclaimer: this summary is written and published by Lynn Smith This is a summary of the original book, yet it is not written by Michelle McNamara.  

It is no surprise it secured a spot on New York Times Bestseller List, got so much praise from top leading authors in the crime world and received a whopping 4.5 rating score on Amazon. "I'll Be Gone In The Dark" is a true masterpiece. It shows all sweat and raw imagination Michelle McNamara has put into its making. Yes. She died before she finished it. Yes. The work, research and investigation she put in took a toll on her emotional and physical health, leaving her with deadly anxiety, insomnia, heart disorders and a bunch of medications to take everyday. But it is all worth it. After her death, Her husband Patton Oswald and her assistant recognized how great and artful the work was. So, they decided to dig in deep into Michelle's notes and finish the unfinished. After so much work, they finally published the book and shared with the world the story of the The Golden State Killer, as Michelle named him.

Here is what you will get out of this 30-minute-summary of "I'll Be Gone In The Dark" :

A detailed introduction to the book, its making and how it came into existence.

A look at the life of the author and how she came with the idea to write such a page turner.

The story, the personality and the mystery behind the Golden State Killer.

Questions to heat up your discussions about the book

Quiz and test questions and answers to have fun with friends over coffee

And so much more.

In short, if you are someone who's tight on time, maybe you want to see whether the original book is worth it or not or maybe you don't remember much of what you read, then this summary is written for no one else but you. Do yourself a favor and never miss this awesome story of a true crime master.

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