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Beloved: Dardanos: The Adrastos, #3

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Humans were food in the demon world.

Miranda was the only human in the demon world.

Things were not going in her favor.

Miranda Taniss was just trying to survive after being yanked from Boston into the primitive demon city of Thrun. Now she was the only human in a world filled with demons, warriors, Lupoiux werewolves, and a complex society of vampires known as the Dardaptoans.

She found herself a place to hide, disguised herself as a Dardaptoan, and hoped she'd live to see her next birthday. With a pack of Incubi demons on her tail, starvation her constant companion, and the fact that her nearest neighbors drank human blood,  the possibility didn't look too likely.

Adric Adrastos prepared for war. One of the strongest warriors of his Kind, he'd spent four hundred years protecting those he loved. When he heard a female's scream, he knew in an instant that she was the mate he'd been waiting for.

Adric would battle any demon to keep her safe—but he had to find her first…

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